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What Type of Lawsuit Does Umbrella Liability Protect Against? A 17-year old drives four friends home from a dance. He swerves to avoid an oncoming car and hits a telephone pole, injuring three passengers and killing the fourth. His parents, whose car he was driving, are sued for more than $500,000. Without Umbrella Liability Coverage, his parents would be personally responsible for paying out any awarded damages above and beyond what their standard auto policy covers. This could be hundreds of thousands of dollars, even more, potentially leaving them bankrupt.

What does Umbrella Liability cover and what does it cost? To protect your assets and future earnings against a potential disaster like this, you need an umbrella liability insurance policy. Most standard automobile policies cover up to $300,000 of bodily injury and $100,000 of property damage. An Umbrella Liability policy, for $150 to $200 a year, typically extends over your homeowners and automobile coverages to protect you against lawsuits for up to $1 million. An Umbrella Liability policy will pay legal costs, too.

Who should have Umbrella Liability coverage? People generally buy Umbrella Liability to protect their personal assets. Consider your exposure to potential lawsuits. If teenagers drive your cars, if you own recreational vehicles, if your pets could be considered dangerous, if you live in a community that has a high rate of lawsuits, if you are perceived by others as being wealthy, or if you entertain frequently and in large numbers, then you would benefit from having an Umbrella Liability policy.

Is Umbrella Liability coverage purchased separately from other policies? You should consider auto, home and umbrella policies as one package and shop for all three at once, but you can also add Umbrella Liability coverage onto existing policies.




The United States is often called the most litigious country on earth. In fact it is estimated that over 94% of the world's lawsuits are filed in this country. Fortunately you can protect yourself by purchasing a personal umbrella policy. If you are sued over injury or property damage you cause are you adequately protected?


America's love affair with lawsuits is the engine that drives a $200+ billion a year industry. It's clear that the engine shows no signs of slowing down. Ever increasing numbers of lawsuits and record jury awards are the trend. In fact it's expected that over 15 million suits will be filed during the year - enough for one lawsuit every two seconds.


If you're sued over injury or property damage you cause, are you adequately protected? Although your automobile and homeowner insurance policies may already provide substantial liability coverages, juries often award damages that far exceed basic policy limits. Should this happen, you'll have to pay out of pocket for the difference between the juries awarded damages and the basic policy limits.


If you don't already have an umbrella policy, call your Tate Insurance Group agent today for a quote. In today's world EVERYONE needs this additional coverage. For approximately $15 a month your agent can provide you with an additional $1,000,000 of liability coverage.

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